Hybrid manicure

For hybrid manicure we use hybrid nail colored products. These formulas combine nail polish features and UV gel. Adequately picked pigments ensure effortless application, in addition to that we offer wide range of colors. Features of UV gel ensure long-lasting effect. After this treatment we apply protective layer on the nail surface which doesn’t chip off like normal nail polish. It is exceptionally durable and resistant to injuries and your nails are getting natural look and well-groomed binding. And there is no need to dry it!

For this manicure we use special hybrid nails colored products that combine features of nail polish and UV gel. You can enjoy beautiful, long lasting color that will stay resistant to injuries for 2-3 weeks. Hybrid nail polish is completely harmless for your nails, allows them healthy growth and keeps them in an excellent condition for a long time.

Treatment includes: shaping your nails according to your preference, taking care of your  cuticle, applying hybrid nail polish, nourishing oils and nourishing cream for hands and nails.