Our Team


A graduate of Krakowska Wyższa Szkoły Promocji Zdrowia (Krakow College of Health Promotion) in the major of Cosmetology and Health Promotion. Holder of magister inżynier (MSC Engineer) title in Chemical Technology conferred by the Cracow University of Technology.
She has experience of several years as an educator of prospective beauticians. She has completed several dozen training courses in aesthetic medicine and advanced face and body care treatments, and holds the relevant certificates. Certified specialist in laser therapy.

Thanks to raising her qualifications constantly through participation in various congresses, scientific symposiums (both Polish and international ones), the services offered by our Beauty Parlour are expanded by achievements in global cosmetology and medicine.
The ultimate goal of Justyna Gorlicka-Kruk is to perform treatments in a perfect manner and to achieve the best effects with the preservation of full safety and patient’s comfort.

Privately, Justyna is interested in arts, especially paintings.


A certified beautician. She specialises in advanced face and body care treatments. She is experienced in performing chemical peels. At Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour she also performs comprehensive hand and foot care treatments. She constantly raises her qualifications by participating in various training courses, symposiums and congresses devoted to cosmetology. Certified specialist in laser therapy.

In her work, Joanna is distinguished by full professionalism and perfection. She is an energetic and nice person who always smiles, which is one of the reasons why patients are very fond of her.

Privately, she is interested in healthy lifestyle and the beauty of human body in a broad sense.


A graduate of master’s studies at Krakowska Wyższa Szkoła Promocji Zdrowia (Krakow College of Health Promotion). Specialist in laser therapy and advanced techniques of face and body care. She is interested in all novelties from the world of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

She regularly takes part in various symposiums and congresses devoted to cosmetology. She also finds great joy in sharing her knowledge and experience with young people as a teacher of the profession. Additionally, she learns about trichology, which is a rapidly developing field.

Privately, she is interested in cooking. She enjoys spending her free time actively with her family and friends.

lek. med. ANNA JACKSON