Yellow Peel

Yellow Peel

Yellow Peel guarantees effective removal of acne scars, hyperpigmentation and shallow wrinkles.

The Yellow Peel treatment is one of the most effective chemical peels in aesthetic medicine. Over the last few years, it has been awarded the aesthetic medicine pearl title.

Yellow Peel provides exfoliating effects due to the use of glycolic and salicylic acids in the first phase of the treatment, and stimulating effects due to the application of a retinoic acid in the second phase of the procedure. Thanks to three other components: phytic, kojic and azelaic acids, it also plays the role of an inhibitor of the endogenous synthesis of melanin, thus helping to eliminate hyperpigmentation and prevent the formation of new one.

Components contained in Yellow Peel effectively improve the resiliency and tautness of the skin, while increasing the hydration level in deep layers of the skin. Due to the exfoliating effects, skin pores become unblocked, which increases penetration of active substances, thanks to which cosmetics are absorbed freely and can fully affect the revitalised skin.


The treatment effects last up to a year. The therapy does not eliminate the tendency to hyperpigmentation. Therefore, you should remember about prevention. Yellow Peel can be repeated every 30 days until the desired effect is obtained.


  • acne
  • acne scars
  • seborrheic skin disorders
  • hyperpigmentation and epidermis defects (melasma)
  • wrinkles
  • skin photoageing


  • reduction of pigment changes
  • clean, firm and radiant skin


  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • skin allergies
  • cold sore
  • active skin infections: viral, bacterial or fungal


After the treatment, you can feel skin itching, tightening, swelling and tension; exfoliation of the epidermis may occur. Skin protection with intense moisturising is very important. From the second to the tenth day after the treatment, the skin should be washed only with soap of a neutral pH.

  • the skin should be protected with sunscreens for a period of about 1 month
  • you should give up tanning and sunbathing for a period of about 4 weeks