Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Delicate and sensitive face, neck and cleavage skin is particularly exposed and prone to cell ageing, that is why its proper protection is extremely important. The slowing of the cellular renewal process, along with gradual dehydration, inevitably create visible ageing effects. Skin loses its resiliency, radiance and firmness; wrinkles appear! Only anti-wrinkle treatments can be of help here!

In order to counteract signs of skin ageing, we offer you a focused and directed injection of energy, hydration, nutrition, oxygenation and protection. Learn about anti-wrinkle treatments at the Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour!


On a one-time basis, before an important outing, or in a series – depending on the skin needs.


  • sagged and flabby skin
  • mature skin that requires firming
  • deep wrinkles and furrows
  • dry and grey skin lacking radiance


  • reduction of wrinkles
  • moisturised skin
  • restored skin radiance and tone
  • firming and lifting effect


  • skin disruption
  • allergy to preparation components
  • herpes
  • psoriasis


The treatments do not require a convalescence period. After the treatment, you can return to your daily activities.



Regeneration and firming for demanding skin

Skin becomes more and more demanding over time and needs specially selected regenerating components. Nutri Sensation products contain active components that form a perfectly composed nutritional formula. Thanks to this, they exceptionally effectively meet specific needs of mature skin.

High quality raspberry seed oil clearly improves the natural regeneration process and restores skin balance. In turn, amino acids of plant origin contained in the preparations provide intensive, long-lasting hydration and smoothness of the skin. Effective peptides firm face contours and provide a feeling of taut and lifted skin.

An advantage of the Nutri Sensation treatment is wonderful consistencies and subtle, interesting fragrances of the products that make their use a great pleasure.

Treatment duration: about 60 min.


Nutri Sensation – regeneration and firming for demanding skin
PLN 190



Natural line – for a young skin look

Anti-age is a treatment based on preparations containing highly effective natural components well tolerated by the skin. The treatment restores the skin’s smoothness, counteracts the ageing process and provides long-lasting effects. High quality natural argan and wheat germ oils contained in the preparations nourish, revitalise and moisturise the skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothened, and the skin regains its natural, youthful glow!

Treatment duration: about 50 min.


Anti-age – for a young skin look, natural line
PLN 180




Quick improvement of the skin condition!

The treatment begins with an appropriate exfoliation procedure depending on the indications as regards the skin type. Then a concentrate containing concentrated active substances is applied; it is followed by a very relaxing face and neck massage. On the properly cleansed and moisturised skin, a collagen patch is applied, which smoothens and moisturises the skin.

As a result of the treatment, the skin becomes firmer and more radiant; its tone is levelled, and wrinkles are much less visible. This is an ideal treatment for people who want to improve the overall skin condition quickly!

Treatment duration: about 60 min.


Treatment with lyophilised collagen patch – quick improvement of the skin looks
PLN 250


Revolutionary anti-ageing treatment! For mature skin!

The DNA RADIANCE treatment stimulates the activity of genes responsible for the repair of human DNA, counteracting negative changes and slowing down the ageing process. A treatment using RADIANCE DNA slows skin ageing processes, protects it against harmful influence of UV radiation and free radicals. It ensures proper skin tautness and density.

The treatment result is restored skin resiliency and firmness, raised face contours and significant reduction in deep wrinkles and worry lines. The treatment is recommended before important outings as it makes the skin visibly healthy and full of natural glow.

Treatment duration: about 60 min.


DNA Radiance – revolutionary treatment for mature skin
PLN 250


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