Nourishing and Moisturising Treatments

At any age, your skin needs nourishment and moisturisation. Water contained in cells evaporates easily, especially when exposed to external factors such as wind, sunlight, air pollution, air conditioning or heating. Damage caused by dehydration is clearly visible: the skin appears dull, dry and expressionless.

We recommend nourishing and moisturising treatments that will strengthen natural protective functions of your skin, refresh the complexion and make it glow as well as restore its proper hydration and radiance!


  • dry and grey skin with visible signs of dehydration
  • skin lacking radiance
  • mature skin that requires firming
  • worry lines and age wrinkles
  • nutrient deficiencies associated with skin ageing
  • fatigue, stress
  • skin lacking its natural protective barrier


Facial cleansing with a properly selected exfoliation procedure (optional: cavitation peeling / enzymatic peeling / chemical peeling / peeling with a grain scrub, etc.)

Application of an ampoule / concentrate / serum

Face, neck and cleavage massage (optional: classic / psychosomatic / mio-relaxing)

Application of an individually selected mask (optional: algae mask / collagen patch / cream mask of specific properties)

Subsequent stages of the procedure are selected individually by the Beauty Parlour’s specialist after consultation with the client.


  • taut and moisturised skin
  • smoothed worry lines
  • supplemented necessary minerals
  • supported epidermis regeneration
  • strengthened natural protective skin functions
  • refreshed and glowing complexion


The treatment does not require a convalescence period. After the treatment, you can immediately return to your daily activities.


Protective treatment for all skin types

The Intense Vitamin treatment is an intensely nourishing procedure that restores energy to your skin. Vitamins A, C, E protect your skin from stress and negative influence of the external environment, preventing premature skin ageing. Extracts of kiwi and acerola cherry fruit water restore a radiant look to tired skin.

Delaying the skin ageing process with the use of the Intense Vitamin treatment consists in, among other things, preventing epidermis from losing water. Unique textures and wonderful scents of the products intensify the overall feeling of great comfort during the treatment. Preparations used during the treatment leave your skin light and fresh.


We recommend a series of 6 to 8 treatments, once or twice a week depending on the problem severity. Especially after summer (sunbathing) and winter.


Intense Vitamin protective and revitalising treatment for all skin types
PLN 90



For demanding and very dry skin

The Skin Repair treatment provides your skin with necessary nutrients as well as moisturising, firming and regenerating components. Thanks to them, the skin becomes soft, smooth, resilient and refreshed.

Skin Repair restores comfort and effectively protects your dry face skin, with a special emphasis on the extremely demanding eye area!


Skin Repair – for demanding and very dry skin
PLN 160 zł



Moisturising treatment for all skin types

Dry air caused by central heating, air conditioning and sunbathing can lead to an excessive loss of water through your skin. Then the skin becomes tense and dry; it itches and peels off. The Hydro Active treatment refreshes the skin and replenishes its hydration level.

The treatment meets the needs of dry and dehydrated as well as combination skin. A complex of algae and sea water contained in the products restores skin freshness and vitality.


ydro-fresh – moisturising treatment for all skin types
PLN 120




Mitigation of the ageing effect, improvement of skin firmness, tautness and density.

Collagen 360 is a treatment containing a highly concentrated serum enriched with marine collagen, a mask of nanofibres and intensely firming facial cream. The therapy has a revitalising and tightening effect on the skin, effectively smoothing wrinkles and strengthening skin mechanical resistance, preventing the degradation of collagen and protecting the three-dimensional structure of the skin.

As a result of the procedure, fibroblasts are stimulated to produce collagen and polysaccharides (glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid). The mask applied during the treatment produces an occlusion effect, which supports the penetration of active substances into the skin and increases its bioavailability, bringing about an immediate effect of improved skin tautness.

Before the procedure, depending on the skin type and needs, we choose an appropriate scrub, while the treatment ends with a relaxing and calming face massage, thus increasing the depth of penetration of the active ingredients.

The treatment is especially recommended for people aged 30-40. It mitigates the ageing effect as well as improves the skin firmness, tautness and density. It provides care that eliminates wrinkles!


Collagen 360 – mitigation of the ageing effect, improvement of skin firmness, tautness and density
PLN 250


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To increase the effects of long-lasting hydration and effective skin nourishment, we recommend that you combine the procedure with a chemical peeling:

Mandelac Peel or Lactipeel