Acne, pimples, acne scars

Acne appears in more than 80% of people aged 12-24 and is more and more frequent in case of 30- or 40-year-olds. When not treated, it may be chronic and leave permanent traces such as discolourations and scars. Acne lesions are caused by sebaceous gland hyperplasia, seborrhoea, excessive cornification, presence of bacteria, hormonal imbalances, inflammatory reaction, genetic conditioning, psychological and physical factors, and immunological disorders.

Acne may take various forms, depending on the stage of the disease. In the first stage, there are blackheads or whiteheads (comedones). They appear not only on the face but also on arms, cleavage or back, or in places where there are most sebaceous glands. Lumps and pimples which are red convex skin lesions that manifest the development of inflammation around sebaceous glands constitute a moderately intensive form of acne. In the intensified stage of the disease, greyish blue or red lumps filled with pus emerge on the skin. This indicates that deeper layers of the skin have been affected by inflammation. Cysts leave permanent scars.

The good news is that there are effective ways of treating acne! The sooner the treatment begins, the lower the risk of permanent physical and mental consequences. Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour recommends the following treatments against acne:


  • NOMELAN – peel and elimination of discolourations
  • SALIPEEL – the most effective anti-acne peel
  • YELLOW PEEL – elimination of acne scars
  • AZELAC RU – effective elimination of acne, erythema and pimples, especially in case of rosacea
  • FERULAC PEEL – peel that reduces discolourations
  • GLYCOPEEL – anti-ageing glycolic peel
  • LACTIPEEL – intensely moisturising lactic acid peel
  • MANDELAC PEEL – mandelic peel for problem skin
  • RETI PEEL – advanced intensely rejuvenating system



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