Dilated capillaries, erythema, symptoms of rosacea

Apart from genetic causes, dilation of capillaries may be caused by external factors such as solar radiation, temperature changes, wind, frost, air-conditioning, sauna, sunbeds, spicy dishes, hot drinks, intensive physical activity, cosmetics that cause skin irritation and drugs that cause dilation of capillaries. Stress and an inadequate diet should also be added here.

As a result, capillaries are dilated, they become more visible and the walls of capillaries become fragile and prone to breaking. Redness or erythema is the first symptom. Initially, erythema subsides but over time it strengthens and becomes permanent. In consequence, distinct and permanently dilated capillaries appear and become visible through the epidermis. The skin gets red, dry and very sensitive.

Lesions are often associated by an unpleasant sense of the skin being overheated or burning. Women at the age of 30+ and men at the age of 40+ are most frequently affected by this problem.

Specialists from Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour recommend the following treatments for dilated capillaries and erythema:


  • AZELAC RU – effective elimination of erythema


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