Discolourations are spots darker than the surrounding healthy skin. They take colours of varied intensity and may differ in size and shape. They are created as a result of excessive melanin production in skin cells.

There are various types of discolourations: discolouration caused by sun exposure, hormonal factors or related to age or skin conditions. The former may appear around the age of 25 and may be caused by too frequent sun exposure. The skin starts to produce melanocytes (pigment cells) in excess and these, in turn, produce melanin (pigment) transported on the surface of epidermis.

Spots resulting from hormonal imbalance (melasma) appear most frequently between the age of 20 and 35. They may be caused by, for example, pregnancy or hormonal contraceptives. Melanocytes become hyperactive under the influence of hormones and they throw lots of melanin onto the skin surface. The number of age-related discolourations (age spots) increases after one has turned forty.

Discolourations may be considerable psychological and aesthetic problems. Fortunately, there are certain treatments that help remove discolourations on a regular basis. Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour recommends:


  • COSMELAN – effective elimination of discolourations




  • NOMELAN – peel and elimination of discolourations
  • FERULAC PEEL – peel that reduces discolourations
  • GLYCOPEEL – anti-ageing glycolic peel
  • MANDELAC PEEL – mandelic peel for problem skin
  • YELLOW PEEL – effective removal of discolourations
  • RETI PEEL – advanced intensely rejuvenating system
  • PHITIC PEEL – mild chemical peel for sensitive skin

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