Rough and dehydrated skin

The skin contains 70% of water. Water deficiency in the organism has an influence on our appearance. Dehydrated skin is characterised by temporary deficit or deficiency in NMF (natural moisturising factors) or moisturisers occurring in the epidermis: amino acids, pyroglutamic acid salts, lactic acid salts and urea.

Slight dehydration does not produce visible symptoms but when the water deficiency limit is exceeded, there appear tension, a sense of tautness and discomfort, increased tendency to irritation, burning and hypersensitivity. Skin elasticity and resilience decrease, expression lines start to appear in eye corners and on the forehead, the skin loses its healthy tone and radiance.

Skin dehydration is mainly caused by deficiencies in moisturisers, increased water loss under the influence of external factors: air-conditioning, heating, excessive sun exposure, sunbeds, frost and wind, inadequate skin care: the use of products which contain a lot of alcohol, overuse of drying and mattifying products.

Dehydrated skin is a temporary condition which may be eliminated by using treatments offered by Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour.


  • Needle mesotherapy
    – CYTOCARE® 532 – moisturisation and elimination of wrinkles
    – STRETCHCARE – tense and strengthened skin


  • FERULAC PEEL – rejuvenating peel
  • GLYCOPEEL – anti-ageing glycolic peel
  • PHITIC PEEL – mild peel for sensitive skin


  • VITAMINE INTENSE – intensively nourishing treatment that restores skin energy
  • SKIN-REPAIR – for demanding, very dry skin
  • HYDRO-FRESH – moisturising treatment for all skin types
  • HYDRO-NOURISHING – moisturising treatment, perfect after the summer season and tanning

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