LIGHTSheer® DESIRE Laser Depilation

The most effective method for hair removal – long-lasting effect and smooth skin!

Do you want to remove unnecessary hair once and for all? LIGHTSheer® DESIRE laser depilation is the right solution for you. LIGHTSheer® DESIRE is the newest, fastest and most powerful diode laser in the world designed for permanent reduction in excessive hair. The device has a safety and quality certificate issued by the American Food and Drug Administration.

LIGHTSheer® DESIRE has received Cosmetology Laurels in the category of the best device for removing unwanted hair.


  • remove excessive hair for aesthetic purposes
  • remove excessive hair caused by hormonal disorders – hirsutism
  • treat skin inflammation – folliculitis

The LIGHTSheer® DESIRE laser depilation ensures permanent and painless hair removal. The beam emitted by the diode laser is safe and it penetrates the skin only 2 mm deep; thus, it has no effect on the body functioning. Laser hair removal can be performed almost on the entire body area – by depilating legs, forearms, the bikini area, moustache, beard, torso, back or buttocks.

The treatment time depends on the depilation area.


The LIGHTSheer® DESIRE laser depilation should be carried out at intervals of 6 to 12 weeks. The number of performed treatments: 5 to 6 per selected body part. The exact number and frequency are determined individually by a certified laser therapy specialist.


  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • acute skin inflammation
  • skin disruption, lesions of an allergic nature
  • tattoo in the treatment area
  • epilepsy
  • albinism
  • psoriasis, ichthyosis
  • skin hypersensitivity to sunlight
  • tendency to scarring
  • taking photosensitising medicines and herbs
  • fresh suntan
  • waxing or tweezing up to 4 weeks before the treatment


Proper preparation for laser depilation is one of key elements conditioning the achievement of satisfying results. We encourage you to read the following list of rules, and if you have additional questions, please contact our specialists!

  • immediately before the treatment, you should shave your hair in the area of the planned hair removal
  • skin in the depilation area must not be dry or irritated. The skin should be moisturised with the use of creams and lotions; you should drink at least 2 litres of mineral water a day.
  • hair must not be plucked before the treatment (tweezers, wax, mechanical epilators) for 4 to 8 weeks. However, it can be shaved with a razor, trimmed or depilated with a cream.
  • the use of creams or ointments with vitamin A, retinoids (e.g. Isotrexin, Differin, Zorac and others), vitamin C and fruit acids in the depilation area requires a 4-week interval before the procedure
  • you should stop applying scrubs one week earlier
  • oral therapy with retinoids requires a half-year interval between the end of treatment and the first procedure
  • you should stop taking photosensitising (phototoxic, photoallergic) medicines and herbal medicines (St. John’s wort, calendula, Figura 1 and 2 tea) 1 week before the procedure
  • active (bacterial, viral, and fungal) skin infections in the treatment area are contraindications to the procedure. The treatment can be carried out not earlier than one month after the infection.
  • fresh tan and self-tanning creams are contradictions to the procedure. A minimum interval after tanning is 4 to 6 weeks


After each laser depilation treatment, you should remember to care for your skin properly. Below there are rules that should be followed during daily care:

  • sunbathing is extremely inadvisable for 2 weeks after the procedure. During this period, you should use creams with SPF 50 UVA and UVB filters
  • immediately after the laser depilation of legs and the bikini area, you should wear light and airy cloths; do not wear tight-fitting or air-tight trousers
  • the skin should be washed with a non-soap gel or tonic or non-alcoholic cleansing milk, or with clean water
  • do not use deodorants and antiperspirants immediately after the treatment (if your armpits were depilated)
  • you should use a powder, cream or ointment such as Alantan, Bepanthen or Dermopanthen
  • after bathing, the skin should be dried gently; do not rub or irritate it in any other way
  • exfoliating preparations should not be used earlier than 2 weeks after the treatment
  • A natural symptom after the treatment is temporary swelling and/or redness of the depilated skin area, and/or scabs. All the symptoms should subside after a few days.
Body part Price
moustache PLN 149
sideburns PLN 199
cheeks PLN 199
chin PLN 199
neck PLN 199
armpits PLN 249
torso PLN 299
area around nipples PLN 99
stomach PLN 249
stomach line PLN 149
back PLN 249
arms PLN 199
forearms PLN 199
hands PLN 199
buttocks PLN 249
classic bikini PLN 249
Brazilian bikini PLN 349
thighs PLN 249
knees PLN 99
calves PLN 249
feet PLN 199
Laser elimination of hyperpigmentation  (hands) PLN 199
Laser removal of broken capillaries in the body from 50 PLN