Aesthetic Medicine

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Aesthetic medicine is an interdisciplinary specialisation oriented mainly at the prevention of skin ageing processes and reduction of existing defects. Aesthetic medicine treatments are mainly supposed to delay natural skin ageing processes in the least invasive manner.  Aesthetic medicine is a dynamically developing field of science which combines achievements in advanced cosmetology and dermatology.

Due to natural ageing processes, with time our skin becomes less resilient and more prone to the appearance of wrinkles, furrows and discolourations. The ability of the stratum corneum to keep the proper skin hydration level is decreased, leading to tissue dehydration and greater fragility of blood vessels. Sunlight, temperature changes, wind, air pollution, drugs, and smoking all affect the appearance of wrinkles and loss of skin tension and elasticity. Fortunately, various professional products and aesthetic medicine treatments bring help.

The main objective of aesthetic medicine is to improve the quality of clients’ life by restoring youthful skin, beautiful body and well-being. Treatments are mainly focused on inhibiting skin ageing and removal of wrinkles but they also bring positive results in the struggle with other aesthetic problems: scars, hollow cheeks, narrow and asymmetrical lips, local excess of fat tissue, cellulite, stretch marks and many other problems that may have an influence on dissatisfaction with your appearance.

Unlike in case of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine is only based on non-surgical treatments which are not invasive and completely safe to clients. Aesthetic medicine treatments do not require long-term convalescence and the patient may return to normal activity and daily duties right after them.

Treatments are selected individually for each client. All treatments at Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour are preceded by a consultation. Based on an interview, assessment of skin condition and client’s preferences, our specialist presents the detailed course of treatment, individual stages and skin defects that require correction.


Aesthetic treatment procedures are used in case of:

  • wrinkle and furrow filling;
  • elimination of dark circles under eyes;
  • face oval correction;
  • reduction of discolouration (age spots, solar hyperpigmentation, melasma);
  • removal and elimination of scars (acne scars and post-operative scars);
  • treatment of rosacea symptoms;
  • elimination of stretch marks and cellulite;
  • reduction of fat tissue;
  • lip shaping and enlargement;
  • reduction of excessive hair loss;
  • improvement of scalp condition and hair structure;
  • bust firming;
  • permanent removal of hair.

The following is used in aesthetic medicine treatments, for example:

  • fillers, such as hyaluronic acid;
  • peels (epidermis peeling): chemical/mechanical peels;
  • punctures: needle mesotherapy;
  • lasers, e.g. diode lasers.

Please find the details of each aesthetic medicine treatment offered by Gorlicka-Kruk.

Aesthetic medicine

Needle mesotherapy

Face, neck, neckline

Price for one treatment (ampoule of 5 ml) Package of three treatments
Face PLN 400 PLN 1050
Face + Neck PLN 400 PLN 1050


Działanie antycellulitowe, likwidacja obrzęków, opuchnięć, poprawa metabolizmu komórkowego, poprawa jędrności i elastyczności skóry, redukcja blizn, rozstępów, wspomaganie odchudzania

Price for one treatment (ampoule of 5 ml)
Package of three treatments
Chin PLN 300 PLN 800
Arms PLN 400 PLN 1050
Hands PLN 350 PLN 950
Belly PLN 400 PLN 1050
Bottom PLN 400 PLN 1050
Thighs PLN 450 PLN 1200


Redukcja łysienia, niwelowanie łojotoku skóry głowy, poprawa struktury i jakości włosów

Price for one treatment (ampoule of 5 ml)
Package of three treatments
Head skin PLN 350 PLN 950

Dobór odpowiedniego preparatu oraz jego ilość ustalana jest podczas konsultacji ze specjalistą medycyny estetycznej.

Filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

Area Price for 1 ml
Wrinkles between eyebrows (the so-called “lion’s wrinkle”) PLN 1000
Nasolabial folds PLN 1000
Wrinkles around mouth (so-called “smoker’s lines”) PLN 800
Elimination of drooping mouth corners + wrinkles below the lip (the so-called “marionette lines”) PLN 800
Filling of the backs of hands PLN 900

Selection of an appropriate preparation is decided during a consultation with a specialist in aesthetic medicine. 

Enlarging and modelling lips with hyaluronic acid

Enlarging and modelling lips with hyaluronic acid (contouring of the lower and upper lip, levelling disproportions, moisturising the lips) PLN 1000

Injection Lipolysis

Usuwanie nadmiaru tkanki tłuszczowej, poprawa jędrności skóry

Area Price for one treatment Package of three treatments
Chin PLN 300 PLN 800
Neck PLN 300 PLN 800
Arms PLN 400 PLN 1050
Stomach PLN 400 PLN 1050
Stomach sides PLN 400 PLN 1050
Buttocks PLN 400 PLN 1050
Thighs (inner or outer side) PLN 400 PLN 1050
Knee areas PLN 300 PLN 800


Ujędrnienie, dotlenienie, uelastycznienie skóry. Likwidacja cieni pod oczami, zmarszczek, blizn (w tym także rozstępów), redukcja cellulitu. Niwelowanie zwiotczeń po ciąży oraz zbyt szybkiej utracie wagi. Widoczna poprawa stanu skóry głowy oraz struktury włosów.

Area Price for one treatment Package of three treatments
Sculp with hair PLN 150 PLN 400
Area around eyes PLN 150 PLN 400
Face PLN 200 PLN 550
Face, neck PLN 240 PLN 650
Face, neck, cleavage PLN 280 PLN 760
Hands PLN 190 PLN 500
Cellulite treatment PLN 300 PLN 800
Reduction in body fat, improvement of skin taut
PLN 300 PLN 800
Elimination of stretch marks PLN 300 PLN 800


Skuteczna likwidacja przebarwień

Face PLN 1450
Hands PLN 1450

Cena zawiera preparat do 3-miesięcznej kuracji domowej po zabiegu Cosmelan.