Stretch marks

Almost all of us are affected by stretch marks. The factors that contribute to the appearance of stretch marks include sudden weight loss or gain and excess cortisol (stress hormone) produced by the adrenal cortex. As a result of skin stretching, skin layers are separated and long red or white scars are produced but with no actual damage to the skin along its entire depth.

These lesions may occur on various body parts. Their location depends on, e.g. sex and cause. In obese people, they occur on thighs, abdomen and hips while people who suffer from Cushing’s syndrome have stretch marks on the abdomen, armpits and buttocks.

During pregnancy, they most frequently appear on the abdomen, hips, breasts and thighs while in teenagers on thighs and buttocks, breasts, calves and under knees.

Gorlicka-Kruk offers a whole array of treatments that will make your stretch marks invisible:


Needle mesotherapy


  • NOMELAN – new around the world
  • SALIPEEL – an effective method for epidermis reconstruction
  • YELLOW PEEL – one of the most effective chemical peels

Specialists from Gorlicka-Kruk recommend combined therapy as the most effective method for eliminating stretch marks. The combination of various types of treatment and the use of their synergy allows for obtaining satisfactory effects of stretch mark eliminating treatment.

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