Laser Therapy

Depilacja laserowa pach w gabinecie Gorlicka-Kruk w Krakowie

Laser therapy involves the impact of a light beam on a specific body part. The light beam emitted by LIGHTSheer® DESIRE diode laser used by specialists at Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour is safe and it penetrates just 2 mm deep into the skin, so it has no impact on the functioning of the organism.

There are numerous indications for laser therapy. It is used in case of strictly dermatological problems, in advanced cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and podology.

Laser therapy – indications for laser therapy:

  • laser closing of capillaries,
  • removal of discolouration,
  • laser hair removal:
  1. a) removal of excess hair for aesthetic purposes;
  2. b) removal of excess hair caused by endocrinological imbalance – hirsutism;
  3. c) treatment of skin inflammations – folliculitis.

Laser therapy – main contraindications:

  • cancer – laser therapy is not recommended to persons who have been healed of cancer less than 5 years earlier;
  • tuberculosis;
  • pregnancy;
  • acute skin inflammation;
  • epidermis abrasions or damage of allergic origin;
  • tattoo in the location of treatment;
  • epilepsy;
  • vitiligo;
  • ichthyosis, psoriasis;
  • skin hypersensitivity to sunlight;
  • tendency to scarring;
  • taking photosensitising drugs and herbs;
  • fresh suntan;
  • wax hair removal or hair removal with tweezers within a period of 4 weeks before treatment.

Laser therapy is painless and it is completely safe. Every single laser therapy procedure at Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour is preceded by a consultation with our certified specialist. Therapy (duration, number of sessions, frequency of procedures, parameters) is adapted to client’s needs and is totally different in each case.

Laser hair removal

LIGHTSheer® DESIRE laser hair removal guarantees permanent and painless hair removal. It may be performed on almost entire body: legs, forearms, bikini, upper lip hair, beard, torso, back or buttocks. The duration of the procedure depends on the body part. Laser hair removal with LIGHTSheer® DESIRE should be performed at the intervals of 6-12 weeks. The number of procedures – approx. 5-6 on a selected body part. Temporary oedema and/or redness of the depilated area are natural following the procedure. All such symptoms should disappear after a few days.

Laser closing of capillaries

A painless procedure which involves the emission of light energy deep into blood vessels. With a higher temperature generated, blood vessels shrink and close. The exact quantity and frequency are chosen individually by a certified specialist in laser therapy. Mild cosmetics intended for couperose skin should be used following the treatment. Slight short-term redness and oedema in the place of the procedure and/or blisters may occur immediately after the treatment. All such symptoms are natural reactions of the skin to laser light and they subside after several days or weeks. The period for which symptoms are maintained depends on the individual speed of skin regeneration.

Laser removal of discolourations from hands

Effective and painless procedure of laser removal of discolourations related to age and UV radiation, hyperpigmentation – freckles, recurring discolouration, age spots, melasma from hands. Light beam emitted by LIGHTSheer® DESIRE allows for breaking melanin collected in a given spot into smaller particles which are spontaneously absorbed by the body. Laser removal of discolouration guarantees full safety, with no risk of complications. The treatment leaves no scars. The exact quantity and frequency are chosen individually by a certified specialist in laser therapy.


Laser Therapy

Laser Depilation

Body part Price
moustache PLN 149
sideburns PLN 199
cheeks PLN 199
chin PLN 199
neck PLN 199
armpits PLN 249
torso PLN 299
area around nipples PLN 99
stomach PLN 249
stomach line PLN 149
back PLN 249
arms PLN 199
forearms PLN 199
hands PLN 199
buttocks PLN 249
classic bikini PLN 249
Brazilian bikini PLN 349
thighs PLN 249
knees PLN 99
calves PLN 249
feet PLN 199
Laser elimination of hyperpigmentation – age spots on hands PLN 199
Laser removal of broken capillaries in the body from PLN 50