Face Treatments

Gorlicka-Kruk offers numerous treatments aimed at beautifying and rejuvenating the skin, improving skin firmness and condition, cleansing the skin and reducing discolouration. Cosmetic treatments on the face are most frequently chosen by our clients. These are non-invasive methods for skin care and conditioning that help keep the skin properly hydrated and nourished. Find out what treatments are offered by Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour and why they are so effective!

Thanks to a combination of the expertise of our specialists, top-quality equipment and world-class cosmetics, we successfully deal with such skin problems as expression lines, discolouration, erythema, dilated capillaries, loss of skin firmness, acne, blackheads, dry and grey skin. The majority of face care treatments do not require prior skin preparation. Our Beauty Parlour offers peels, rejuvenating treatments and relaxing treatments. Please read about the services we offer!

Nourishing and moisturising face treatments will strengthen natural skin protection functions, will refresh and brighten up the skin to restore its hydration and radiance! VITAMIN INTENSE is a very popular and extremely effective nourishing treatment for all skin types. SKIN-REPAIR is a treatment for those who have dry skin on the face. HYDRO-FRESH refreshes the skin and improves its hydration while COLLAGEN 360°, or a combination of highly concentrated serum, a nanofibre mask and an intensely firming cream, inhibits the ageing process, makes the skin firmer and improves skin density on the face. In order to enhance the effect of long-term hydration and effective skin nourishment, we recommend a combination of nourishing and moisturising treatments with chemical peels, e.g. MANDELAC PEEL or LACTIPEEL.

Treatments for skin with dilated capillaries will strengthen your blood vessels, make the skin firmer and more resistant to external factors. ANTI-REDNES, or couperose skin care treatment, strengthens blood vessel walls, reduces their permeability and regulates micro circulation. AZELAC RU is effective in the elimination of acne, erythema and pimples. Azelac RU, or a peel with azelaic acid and azeloglycine, is a perfect treatment for those who have rosacea.

We also recommend effective skin cleansing treatments on the face. SEBOCONTROL – treatment ideal for oily skin or skin with impurities, DERMABALANCE recommended for dehydrated skin or skin with impurities. The treatment restores skin smoothness, softness and even texture. Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour also offers COMPREHENSIVE FACE CLEANSING and ULTRASOUND CAVITATION WITH SONOPHORESIS which is a combination of cavity peeling with the administration of active concentrate using ultrasound.

For those who want to counteract skin ageing symptoms, we recommend a concentrated and targeted boost of energy, nourishment, oxidation and protection. Gorlicka-Kruk Beauty Parlour offers the following anti-wrinkle treatments: NUTRI SENSATION – regeneration and firming of demanding skin, ANTI-AGE – for the youthful look of the skin, LYOPHILISED COLLAGEN PADS and RADIANCE DNA, which is a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment for mature skin. After the treatment, the skin restores its elasticity and firmness, the skin oval is raised, deep wrinkles and expression lines are considerably reduced. The treatment is recommended before big occasions as it makes the skin visibly healthy and full of natural radiance. To strengthen the skin cleansing and radiance effect, we recommend combining this treatment with MANDELAC PEEL, LACTIPEEL, or CAVITY PEELING.

For clients who would like to intensify the effect of face treatments by continuing the treatment, we conduct retail sale of specialised cosmetics for home care. Our specialists will advise you and help you choose cosmetics appropriate for the type and condition of your skin.